How to Select a Professional Recruitment Agency in the Philippines

10 Jul

Recruitment agencies are professionals who help companies search for executives with the best qualifications to fill various positions.  There are however some things that you need to consider before you select a recruitment agency in the Philippines. This is because, in the last couple of years, there has been an increase in the number of recruitment agencies operating in the market. It is, therefore, essential to compare the reliability of services offered by different recruitment agencies before you make your selection.  This will help you to avoid wasting your money on the services of an incompetent recruitment agency. Putting factors like the reputation of the selected recruitment agency into consideration will help you to make the best selection.  Seeking advice from a person who has employed the selected recruitment agency before will also enable you to make a great selection.  You should take your time to understand the competency of the selected recruitment agency before you make your selection.  Below are some factors to consider when choosing a recruitment agency in the Philippines.

Firstly, make sure that you employ local executive search firms in the Philippines. It is essential to employ a recruitment agency with an excellent reputation in the Philippines.  You can weed out the unreliable recruitment agencies from your list by going through the testimonials of every recruitment agency operating in the Philippines. This will give you an opportunity to discover about the merits and demerits of employing a particular recruitment agency.

The number of years that the chosen recruitment firm Philippines has been in operation is the second factor to consider.  Hiring the services of the recruitment agency that has been in operation for the longest time is essential. This is because the reliability of executive search services offered by a particular recruitment agency depends on their experience level. You should, therefore, consider using only recruitment agencies with more than eight years of experience. To determine the recruitment agency’s experience level, contact some of their references.  Evaluating the portfolios of various recruitment agencies in the Philippines will enable you to make an informed decision.  Make sure to also put the eligibility of the chosen recruitment agency in mind before you make your selection.

Finally, consider the rates of the recruitment agency. It is essential to employ a recruitment agency with the most reasonable pricing structure in the Philippines. You can make sure this by asking for cost estimates from various recruitment agencies available in the Philippines before you make your decision. You should, however, be more regarding the expertise of the selected recruitment agency rather than their rates. Check out some more facts about jobs, go to

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